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Get More Traffic to Your Website

Why Choose Our Local SEO Jacksonville?

Our local SEO Jacksonville gets your business found on the web.  At Web Jacksonville, we target the right traffic to match the right customers searching for your business services or products. Every local SEO campaign is unique to fit your business needs. Many companies offer automated SEO or the same strategy for every website. Using the same technique may work to get more traffic to a website, but the problem is that it may not be getting the right traffic. If you have a local Jacksonville business located off Southside, then traffic from California may not be what you need. This is why our SEO experts take the time and listen to your needs and develop a plan based on your needs.

Get More Website Traffic with Local SEO Jacksonville.

Local Search Customers
72% of local searchers visit stores within 5 miles.
Smart Phone Users
87% of smart phone users search on the internet at least once per day.
Organic SEO
Organic searches account for 95% of traffic compared to paid ad traffic.

Do You Need Local SEO?

Do you really need local SEO? If you want more traffic, than the answer is, “yes.” What local SEO will do is keep you above of your competition. Everyday new businesses are introducing websites into the Jacksonville market.  Although new websites may not knock your website down in ranking they can keep your site down in the long run. What happens is that if other websites are using online marketing tactics, they can be pushing your website off the first page. Local SEO will keep your website above your competition leading to more clicks on your website.

Get Found on the Web with Local SEO
St. Augustine
St. Johns

Local SEO That Works

Why Choose Local SEO Jacksonville

Who better to get local SEO in Jacksonville, St. Johns, or St. Augustine from than a local company that is located here. We know Jacksonville and the surrounding cities, so we can help target your customers. We are located in St. Johns, FL, in between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Before we start your local SEO, we learn about your company, goals, and expectations.

Personalized Local SEO Campaigns

We create a local SEO campaign based on your insights, looking at competitors, customer research, keyword analysis, website analysis, and marketing research. Research is our #1 key to making sure you get the results you want. We want our customers to be successful, so we are successful. Every one of our customers, we treat like a partner.

Web Jacksonville not only offers personalized local SEO, but we have the best prices in town.